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A business networking service for - "real estate investors (of two or more properties)"  known as, "Realts."  A Realt might be licensed or unlicensed - private investors or service providers - individuals, a business entity or a Realty firm.

REALTorREALTY fills the communications and business networking services void in the marketplace!  Realts and Realty firms alike, have long needed just such a business networking platform.

We are helping to integrate your professional communications into a platform allowing and empowering communications with an entire online community of Realts, with real estate assets for sale or those seeking to make a purchase that is just right for their needs.

Because real estate investors are increasingly looking to social media and web tools to engage others, REALTorREALTY is the perfect solution for communications, networking, collaboration and opportunity!

Why are communications with a Realt or Realty essential?  Because you will discover the hidden benefits and added potential of meeting each others needs.  Your affinity based group business network will produce more business volume than you will see by merely seeking to communicate with buyers and sellers of real estate (as in the normal, "single-sided," approach to real estate).

As you communicate with other Realts and Realty firms, you complete the sales cycle - not just half of the process and unlock the true potential for hidden opportunities.

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